Eucalyptus Honey

A powerful and distinct flavour! Eucalyptus Honey is the perfect companion during winter. Soothing for irritated throats, it relieves the bronchi and helps fight winter pathologies and coughs. Eucalyptus Honey also fights infections and diseases of respiratory organs, heals infections in the urinary passages and strengthens the immune system.


Polyfloral honey

This variety of honey is made from the nectar of several types of flowers. Its colour and flavour vary according to the main nectar source. Some honey adepts prefer wildflower honey because of the complex flavours it possesses resulting from mixing multiple nectar qualities.


Litchi Creamy Honey

Our Litchi Creamy Honey is a natural mood lifter with its sweet litchi taste that melts over the tongue. Celebrate your health and happiness with this delicious honey treat. The sweet taste of Litchi Creamy Honey makes it a perfect addition to desserts. It also tastes perfect with feta, semi-soft and even blue cheese. A delicacy for any honey lover!


Chilli Honey

Deliciously nutritious! The perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Mix the Chilli Honey with softened butter to create the perfect spread for hot biscuits, with cream cheese on bagel or on grilled chicken. Mix 2 tablespoons in a cup of hot water and drink it as a healthful tea. It will warm you up on a cold, dreary day.


Cinnamon Honey

The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for centuries. Besides from being an amazing potential cure for numerous illnesses, its sweet and warm taste will surprise your taste buds. Cinnamon Honey will work wonders on your cakes, bread, biscuits and rolls.


Vanilla Honey

Vanilla and honey were destined to make the perfect pair! Vanilla pods, packed with B- complex vitamins, help to relax your metabolism and nervous system. Vanilla Honey is best enjoyed in yogurt, pancakes, milk or pudding.


Lemongrass Honey

For ages, lemongrass has been used in ancient Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Drinking a lemongrass infusion daily helps fight indigestion, stomach cramps and gastroenteritis. Sweeten your tea with Lemongrass Honey for increased action against early cold symptoms.


Baie Rose Blossom Honey

Baie Rose Blossom honey is marked with a slight peppery note and subtle taste. It is best enjoyed in tea infusions along with toast with butter. An exotic honey to discover for its sweet flowery notes.