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Was Jonas Was Jonas from Qb wrote on at :
Tried miel'or for the first time today and loved it immediately. Refined taste and simple yet elegant packaging makes the product stand out. Will definitely try out the other flavours. A must have product in all homes and a big thumbs up for a Made in Moris product. Keep it up!
Fazeel Gareeboo Fazeel Gareeboo from Orlando, FL, USA wrote on at :
Just tried your Litchi Honey. Delicious! Packaging is beautiful. My wife got it at Labourdonnais.
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Thank you for your appreciation
Ali Ali from Flacq wrote on at :
On a personal level, Miel'or is a reference. Why? Because as a client, i was explained with every detail concerning the product I'm buying and how it is produced. Compared to other honey available on the local market, Miel'or is the finest. The honey available is from different source which makes a variety of taste.
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Dear Mr Ali, Thank you for your appreciation
Kenny Dhunoo Kenny Dhunoo from Curepipe wrote on at :
MIEL'OR is the best honey that you can have in Mauritius. Professional team with a very good variety. I recommend and endorse products of MIEL'OR
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Dear Mr Kenny, Thank you for your appreciation
Ashfaq Koomar Ashfaq Koomar from Port Louis wrote on at :
I have had the immense pleasure to taste several types of honey offered by this company. I must say i have always been surprised by the creativity of the guy behind it. For me it was something new to taste for the first time the cinnamon honey. I personnaly recommend this honey knowing it is 100 percent pure and good for health. Keep it up..
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Thank you for your appreciation.
Krishan Krishan from Quatre Bornes wrote on at :
I went for a routine check to grant Mr. Anas the Pre-market Test and Certification Scheme by the SFWF and Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security, on the manufacturing process of honey at his house in Port Louis. I was amazed by his creativity, development in apiculture and showing his dedication to Honey. I wish him all the very best in showing the value added to Mauritius in Apiculture and Honey processing.
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Dear Mr Krishan, Thank you for your appreciation and all the necessary help given to our company from your department.
David David wrote on at :
I'm in Europe, but your honey seems really natural and made with "love". Do you send it internationnaly?
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Thank you for your appreciation. Unfortunately we do not send to Europe. We are still working on the procedures and compliances.
Heidi Heidi from Quatre-Bornes wrote on at :
Hello! I am looking for raw organic honey for moisturising purposes for facial skin. Is your product suitable for the skin? Thanks
Zeenat Zeenat from port louis wrote on at :
the best i had in Mauritius! keep up the good work always. will definitely shop again!
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Thanks for your appreciation and Most welcome again.
Jeremy Jeremy wrote on at :
Actually I am someone who did not know anything about the benefits of honey, nor identifying a mediocre v/s a good quality honey. But with Miel-or, I've been able to discover how to appreciate the hard work of the bees and their nuance in taste depending on the location and surroundings of their bee hives. From the vast selection of honey that Miel-or offers, my favorite of all will be the baie rose for its particular taste. I'll highly recommend Miel-or to any amateur or connoisseur of quality product.
Paul H Paul H from Tamarin wrote on at :
We have been buying raw honey for many years from a number of different places around the world and this is without a doubt the best honey we have tasted. Well done for such a great and pure product(s). Thanks Paul & Family
Nasser Jaunbocus Nasser Jaunbocus from Mahebourg wrote on at :
The Best Honey in the Country...Well done and keep the standard high...
Ali Ghanty Ali Ghanty from Curepipe wrote on at :
I have tasted nearly all the different products from Miel'Or and i affirm that its the best honey i've tasted! Highly recommended for personal consumption or as gift 🙂
Skque Skque wrote on at :
Would love to learn more about this. Thanks for sharing it.
Rachelle Rachelle from Flacq wrote on at :
Am a very happy customer too. My favorite one is the chilly that is deeped in....sweetly spicy!
Azhar Azhar wrote on at :
I was gifted a Miel'Or Eucalyptus by a good friend. It was flavourful, light, and gorgeous even to look at! I would recommend Miel'Or in a heartbeat.
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Thanks for you appreciation